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Jenesse University serves to create morally conscious leaders of the domestic violence issues that plague intimate partner relationships and expunge the deceitful stigmatizations associated with the growing epidemic. Jenesse University program seeks to raise community awareness about domestic violence to the young adult generation, and generate conversation about domestic violence as an intrinsic issue amongst today’s youth. Jenesse University is a developing program to include more young communities and college organizations in the campaign to prevent domestic violence and violent intimate partner relationships. This program features an extensive national community awareness campaign amongst Greek and Fraternal Organizations and student organizations, grassroots fundraising opportunities to benefit Jenesse Center’s services to domestic violence survivors, and culturally relevant programming to delineate surface ideas and beliefs that minimizes domestic violence as a critical issue. 


To mitigate this sweeping pandemic, Jenesse seeks to educate today’s young leaders to ignite change. To do this, Jenesse University aims to sponsor culturally relevant programs, events, and activities central to 1) education 2) advocacy and 3) service. Jenesse University education and advocacy features of the program are intended to educate across social, cultural, and power differences that translates into a will to act. Jenesse University service feature of the program is to apply domestic violence intervention and prevention frameworks about identity to their own position within the campus community and the world around them.

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