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Jenesse Junior Angels is Jenesse Center's youth program dedicated to providing inter-generational violence prevention strategies, encompassing educational, leadership, empowerment forums and public service opportunities for teens and young people. Jenesse Junior Angels seeks to facilitate transformational and social change, comprehensive programs that engage resilient young leaders and at-risk youth to challenge the prevailing stereotypes associated with violent and abusive behavior.

Integral to ensuring that children, teens and young adults are educated and empowered through our intervention, prevention and outreach efforts, Jenesse Junior Angels youth program provides both a prevention-base continuum of programmatic activities aimed at ending the cycle of abuse and prevent violence such as bullying, date violence, taunting, inappropriate aggressive behavior, assaults, emotional and verbal abuse. Jenesse Junior Angeles youth program reflects an intervention and advocacy model that educates youth and young adults on healthy relationships and trains them to be the next generation of anti-violence advocates.


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