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Welcome to Jeneration J

Did you know that dating violence effects one in three teens in America? While the awkward topic might make you cringe, it is more common than you think. Your smartphone is buzzing with more headlines about the issue than ever, as America’s most adored celebrities are exploited for ratings.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Princess Love, throws more than just drinks. According to TMZ, the “Sexy Can I” singer, Ray J was reportedly left with several cracked ribs and a torn ACL after his girlfriend, Princess, allegedly attacked him. In the same month, the flaming hot sex-driven film “Fifty Shades of Grey” heated up the box office with a record-setting debut featuring a BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission) relationship.

Dating violence often goes unnoticed until it happens to someone we admire—in many cases, a glorified celebrity. While we may find ourselves endlessly entertained by these high-profile headlines, the messages we are absorbing might not be so obvious.

Since dating violence has become a media golden ticket for ratings and dollars, pop culture has rewritten a new formula for watchable entertainment, through the outrageous makings of violence, abuse and sexual assault. While the truth within these programs might be fabricated by rump-shaking video vixens, luxury cars, rock hard six-packs, and gold chains the lasting effects of these pop culture storylines is undeniably real. More than two-thirds of American teens involved in violent relationships have failed to disclose their abuse.

Last week, Vanderbilt University football stars Brandon Vandenburg and Corey Batey were found guilty for brutally raping an unconscious classmate—an incident which included graphic cell phone footage of the violent gang-rape taking place.

Pop culture can make it awkward to talk about dating violence sometimes. That is why Jeneration J is here, to the deliver exclusive breaking news and in-depth coverage on dating violence in your world and the media. Jeneration J seeks to create the next generation morally conscious leaders that are equip with the knowledge to raise public awareness about domestic violence to the young adult generation. So without further ado...

Welcome to Jeneration J. Are you the next Jeneration?

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