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Sing Or Dance: Enter Jeneration J Fund Duel Competition

Raise Your Voice 4 Peace 2018 Contest

Jeneration J kicks off its Fund Duel crowdfunding campaign this week, allowing dancers and singers to compete in an effort to raise money for the non-profit community outreach program that has educated tens of thousands of rising youth in Los Angeles about healthy alternatives in relationships. Jeneration J is the youth division for Jenesse Center, the largest and oldest domestic violence prevention and intervention program serving South Los Angeles.


To join the 30-day fundraising competition, singers and dancers upload their performance videos to Jeneration J’s Fund Duel page ( Dancers can use their smartphone to record a video of themselves dancing to the Jeneration J Live theme song. Singers can videotape themselves singing or lip synching to the “Raise Your Voice For Peace” theme song.

Donors can contribute in a variety of ways. They can donate to individual participating dancers or singers, to Team Dancers, Team Singers or to the general Jeneration J Fund Duel campaign. Top donor uploads qualify to win prizes. Proceeds from the Jeneration J Fund Duel campaign will benefit Jeneration J’s Raise Your Voice 4 Peace (RYV4P) youth singing competition, Jeneration J Live and other Jeneration J outreach programs.

Dr. Anglea N. Parker, director of trainings and programs for Jenesse Center and Jeneration J, is happy to partner with Fund Duel for this effort. “We are so excited to be partnering with Fund Duel to bring attention to, and raise money for our youth prevention programming,” she says. “This exciting format will allow us to engage our supporters in a unique and fun way that makes them an integral part of the process.”

On Wed., Oct. 9, Jeneration J will debut its Jeneration J Live web series that talks to teens and young adults about healthy relationships. The series will post new episodes Monday-Friday on Jeneration’s Instagram and YouTube channels.

For more information regarding Raise Your Voice for Peace visit or contact Dr. Angela Parker at or (323) 299-9496. For media inquiries, contact Jeanine Taylor at or (213) 399-5301.

Thank you for you donation to Jeneration J’s Teams Dancers vs Team Singers Fund Duel campaign. Click HERE to contribute.

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