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  • by Katrina Mitchell

Drama is Overrated

On April 4th, 19-year-old Iyanna “YaYa” Mayweather was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after allegedly stabbing the ex-girlfriend and mother of NBA Youngboy’s child, LaPattra Jacobs.

Allegedly, YaYa arrived at the house and discovered LaPattra, and the two got into a fight. YaYa armed herself with two kitchen knives. When the dust settled, LaPattra had been stabbed multiple times, and YaYa was being arrested. After she was released on bond, YaYa was back at NBA Youngboy’s house. She is facing a 99-year prison sentence.

I wish I could say I haven’t been there. I have. And at the time, I thought that I was 100% justified in letting my emotions take control and risking it all. I was “in love”. I came up in the Mary J. Blige “I Can Love You Better Than She Can” era, where if a relationship wasn’t dramatic and I wasn’t competing for a guy’s attention, then I wasn’t doing love right.

It’s sad to see that so many years later, there are people who still feel and act the same. Drama is not indicative of love. You haven’t gained anything by going through a relationship with someone who doesn’t treat you well or respect you. And “fighting for your man/relationship” will always have you losing. There is always another relationship, or a better relationship out there. And you deserve a love that doesn’t hurt-- physically or emotionally.

YaYa is 19 and risking losing the rest of her life over a guy who will have replaced her before the bars lock. I hope she leaves this love behind, and seeks out a drama-free love that helps her grow, not holds her back and ruins her life.

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