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  • by Katrina Mitchell

My Year With Kev (A Short Story)

August: Kev is it. I seen him after practice when the boys were leaving the gym. I said hi and he smiled at me, I saw it. Tyrika said he was askin’ bout me in history, and she said she told him to talk to me. That was days ago though, so I’m just gonna wait here. He will speak to me today.

September: Kev is lit. I went with him to homecoming and he was the star on the dance floor. All the girls wanted to dance with him, but he only danced with me. Afterwards we went with everyone to IHOP and shared pancakes. God I couldn’t have had a better night.

October: Kev doesn’t like it when I am too friendly with his friends. I don’t even know what I did really, but I know he’s mad now and I gotta make it right. Tyrika says that he’s only acting like that cuz she caught him all in Shauna’s face, but I ain’t even worried about her.

November: Kev needs some cash, so I’ve been giving him half of my paycheck every two weeks. He keeps asking for more though, and I don’t know what he needs it for. But I’m his girl and we’re in love so I gotta look out for him. If he needs it and I got it, it’s his.

December: Kev says he loves me, but this Shauna girl stays in his face. I seen them in his car after school, and he just played it off like it was nothing. It didn’t look like nothing though. Tyrika and I cornered Shauna the next day and taught her a lesson. Bet she won’t be in Kev’s face no more, not until the swelling goes down on her face at least.

December: Kev makes me crazy. I don’t get it. We can spend the whole weekend together and he is so sweet and does all these nice things for me, then on Monday he act like he don’t want me around. I’m gonna buy him lunch today and remind him that I love him.

January: Kev wants to break up. He called me like ten times last night, but I was asleep and my phone was on silent. He said he heard I was with his friend, but I was in bed sleep. He said he don’t believe me. I don’t know why his friend would lie on me like that. I don’t want nobody but Kev.

January: Kev needs a favor, and he asked me to do it for him. I don’t want to, but I don’t want him to think I’m not loyal. I heard rumors about this place he wants me to go, and it’s dangerous. I’ll bring Tyrika with me, she’s always down for anything.

February: Kev says that I’m boring, and that I should be friends with Shauna cuz she makes him happy. I can’t believe it. I don’t know what I can do to make him happy.

February: Kev is good. It’s Valentine’s Day and he bought me a red rose and a teddy bear. I’ve been walking through the halls all day carrying them. I couldn’t smile any harder. Everyone else is jealous and I think it’s cuz they know he is mine and I am his. Forever.

March: Kev is the one, and I just gotta make him see. He won’t answer my calls anymore. Tyrika says that he’s always with Shauna now, and that I should let it go. I don’t want to let anything go. Without Kev, what do I got?

April: I don’t want to live without Kev. I just don’t.

May: Kev is embarrassing. Like, he told half the school about the things I did for him in our relationship. Shauna was telling everyone that every time I gave him money he would spend it on her. I feel like such an idiot for doing that.

May: Kev is annoying. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before. He has to be the center of attention at all times. I hear his voice and I cringe. I had to get away from it all. I went to the park by myself and just sat for awhile, thinking. Kev was actually the worst. I threw the teddy bear in the trash.

August: What do I have without Kev? I couldn’t see it before, but I have so much. So, so much. My friends, like Tyrika. My time and my interests. My whole world opened up, and I’m cool on my own. Shauna can have him. I got me.

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